In the journey of life, each one of us learn at every single moment. Knowledge is the only one commodity in the universe which increase if you share with others. You may or may not be agree with quotes below but I thought to share with an open mind.

Over the period of time, I have generated several likes and dislikes, interests but now it seems I am losing it and finding no pleasure in most of it.

Action and thoughts triggered by knowledge. To control the action, you need to control the knowledge and source of information.

To worship God, need to know God and to know God, need to know self first.

After a certain stage in materialistic knowledge gathering process, its implementation in material world makes more sense.

When someone talk about people engagement in true sprit, they might be entertaining some of your thought without accepting it. Means, they are mature.

We always need to remember - We are not here to grumble or to complain. We are here for something bigger and larger than life.

Challenges & roadblocks make leaders more stronger & followers weaker. Be the leader & fight till your last breath. People should praise even you loose.

Comfort & greatness rarely co-exist, need to show poise under pressure if you really want to do something on large scale.

A tool development abilities makes human species unique. Each one of us should always try to develop a tool to help mankind explore and learn.

Understanding the universe is massively complex process and goal. But each one of us should have an objective to pursue this journey and willingness to fail.

Change in state of matter/thought in materialistic world is relative in nature. To shape-up internal/external matter or thought for an inclusive world need to create an environment that can nurture this.

One important lesson of life- You can determine quality of your life only by being generous and loving everyone.

In pursuit of knowing self, knowledge will help you to understand how small you are, and unwise, and how far you have yet to go.

The real meaning of life depends upon the resultant of all KARMA for community at large.

Instead of finding a new strategy/system, its time to transform the people who run them.

Whole world and every single object is the foundation of this life. Therefore, its important to deal with world and every object wiht DHARMA.

Real journey of an individual begin when they start looking inward.

Anger will never being happiness in own or other’s life because anger by very own nature has the properties of destruction.

To do anything wih perfection, need to practice it more and more. Practice is the only differentiating factor.

Health is the single most important tool that a man/women has. Need to keep it in perfect condition to achieve more in life.

Human consist of countless components. Out of all, main three are- Intellect, Mind and Body. All three can catagorize in three layers and instruction come from all layers. Human must follow the instruction from highest layer i.e Intellect.

By default human is born inside a beautiful and well organized ecosystem called Nautre. They can learn enough if they keep themselves open.

An ability of analyzing and understanding of an event itself is the source of knowledge.

Since every action left an impression, one must be calculative while performing an action.

Majority of people do not give an appropriate attention to what they consume and how much consume in terms of information, knowledge, sense and several other unknown things. Similarly, majority of people do not give appropriate attention to what they producing or leaving behind and relative impact/effect of that footprints/production. In my openion, later is more dangerious to society/world at large.

The baggage of a generation depends upon they belong to. The lighter the baggage, easier the journey.

As much you involve/indulge in the world, your “self” quality will be reduced. It is important to keep the “self” above materialistic world to retain the supreme “self”.

Action triggers based on identity. To make the action inline with true nature of “self”, one need to identify “The self” in true sense. Misery and pain is the result of incomplete identification.

Relative reality(Object one can see) is the result of conviction. One need to build the conviction to achieve the relative reality. Absolute reality(Self) does not play any role in building process.

Each one of us belong to each other. This simple philosophy define- Oneness. For an example, one person in bangalore may not be knowing/impacting the other in different part of the world but when the “State” of very first person changes, the event of changing the “State” start impacting the others. Therefore, it is very import to maintain the “State” of others.

Action, objects, thoughts in the external world is the result of a “relative” meaning. Things in external world is meaningful only when you define it relatively.

The word “Simple” is hard to describe but when you discover it, you will experience how beautiful it is.

What we see in the world is a state of an object, the state in itself is dynamic properties of an object. It is bound to change due to multiple factor- Internal & External.