Civilization, Country or any Institution grows by resources available to them and the collective effort they make. Especially, in case of a developing country like India, where population is growing exponentially, more than 1000s startups get registered every day, it is essential to make a collective effort. In line with the strategic vision, nowadays you will find out a very popular phrase called “Digital India”. Personally, I believe the digital India campaign will promote the country to new heights.

ERPNext: A tool that just works

I’m sure, ERPNext need no introduction. In open source business application domain, ERPNext made a remarkable entry. And worldwide, hundreds of small medium enterprise chooses ERPNext to streamline their business. Day by day ERPNext ecosystem is becoming better. Frappe team and community are doing exceptionally good job right from development, support to open forum discussion.

Open source ERP for startups

I recollect the day of, 2011, when I started Acoidea Technologies – a proprietorship company (Now Nescode) with a passion and dream, there was no office, nor any application to manage the day-to-day operation. Most of the small startup in India start their journey in the same way which triggers several issues like – no track of customers, leads, quotation, invoices, renewals, projects, communications and goal plan. These issues directly impact their success roadmap and more than 50% startups shut down after a year.

To deal with these issues, I’m sure each one of us would be agree that a flexible business framework must be in a place to track every process and transaction inside the company. ERPNext could be a such framework and business application which will help you track even a single message to manage the complex manufacturing process. Startups can use ERPNext even to make a beautiful public facing engaging website. Using right technologies since inception would help you take informed decision and off course better growth.

Open source ERP for SME

Small Medium Enterprises always play a pivotal part in country economic growth since inception and in some case trendsetter. But in a Metropolitan city like Bangalore, I come across with an instances where many companies still don’t have even basic business application to manage their operation. Primarily, they use excel sheet and tally for accounting. Now the question comes, Is this good enough to understand the business? Would it help you take a better decision to drive sales growth? Obviously, the answer is No.

I think, the digitizing own company would be a step forward toward digitizing India. And you can choose ERPNext as a perfect tool to automate whole business process.

Implementation cost of ERPNext

As I outlined in the inception of my blog that ERPNext is published under open source, therefore there is no licensing cost. One can opt for hosted edition or deploy it on your own server, update and upgrade is free. Choice is yours. The source code is available on Github to read, write and contribute.

The typical price of setting up a platform is approx $ 500/Year and ROI is more than 10 times. I’m sure this is a fraction of cost compare to traditional business application deployment.

Service provider ecosystem

To implement ERPNext successfully, there are number of Service Providers across the Globe and Nescode is one of the leading company based in Bangalore. We have an experience of 25+ deployment in various industries. Open forum support

The discussion forum is one of important platform for any successful product which help end users and developers to share their experiences, queries. I must say, ERPNext has a superb team and an amazing community behind. You won’t even get a single question which is not answered and most importantly, you may get your answer quicker than a dedicated support. I’m sure you will be surprised by browsing through a time log of community member replies, sometime they replies even at 2 PM midnight. You may find me as one of the moderators on the forum.

App ecosystem

Standard installation of ERPNext gives you almost every feature and functionalities that you need to run a business. Perhaps, there are growing developer community who developed some usable apps, few of them are base VAT and Jasper ERPNext report. I believe, to boost ERPNext app ecosystem, a collective effort is needed in terms of standardization and convention in the codebase, documentation for developers, community involvement and a marketplace.

Consistent effort to make platform better

This is the most important area where I would wish to draw an attention that every day Frappe team and community trying to make ERPNext platform better. The publisher is open to hear your input in a very open meeting place – Forum. Let’s engage in a discussion to make it more productive.


ERPNext play a substantial role in the digital India campaign in business segment. Credit must go to Frappe team and growing community across the Globe to publish an application in open source domain which is secure, stable, usable and beautiful.