While it might be embarrassing for you Yahoo but consider this blog as a feedback from end user. Before I start lets take a peak in time gone by retreating Yahoo and my connection.

If I remember correctly, I was in 10 +2 when I had created my first email ID and that was from Yahoo. The very obvious question comes here – Why Yahoo? Answer is very simple – That time Yahoo was famous in public domain for their product like Yahoo mail and Yahoo messenger. Indeed, Yahoo messenger was installed on every one Desktop (laptop was a rare species that time.

But where is Yahoo today, its very interesting question. And Marrisa Mayer(CEO, Yahoo) should analyse & understand it clearly before making any more takeover. A Technology Consultant

As a CEO of Nescode, I always give my advice to client for better and feature rich software with usability. But, finally Its our client choice to make a decision.

A week back one of my client ask for an enterprise email solution. Post review, I suggested to choose Google apps for Business since Google is cost effective and having integrated approach toward customer needs. But my client opted for Yahoo small business package. To avoid any downtime, together we decided to migration on weekend. But, it was a horrible experience for me and it goes like this: Yahoo admin panel interface is still in 80s century When I logged inside their control panel, I was literally shocked and surprise. When a software development company updating their application frequently from usability point-of-view, Yahoo don’t even bother to think about it.

Completely lost

My next step was to identify the DNS record which I had to update in Godaddy domain since my client was owning domain from Godaddy. Nowhere in Yahoo documentation, I found MX record for Yahoo business mail. Then I thought of doing Googling but again no luck.

###Yahoo customer care! What sunday off? I was completely clueless when I come to know Yahoo customer care doesn’t work on Sunday! Wowww… Marirsa credit again goes to you :). Then I connected to Godaddy customer support; other side, it was Karthik: Karthik: “Sir, we don’t know Yahoo MX record! Wait, let me search it for you.” I said “Please, it would be a great favor for me.” Karthik: “Sir, I’m not getting any appropriate result. Please connect to Yahoo.”


Almost four hours I spent for a simple MX record and result was nothing but frustration. With this horrible experience, I realised reason behind Yahoo disaster is nothing but a bad interface, poor documentation, poor application workflow and complexity. As an end-user, what we need:

  • Information/manual what we need to perform certain task.
  • Simple interface with features.
  • Thats it.

Also, I would like to share my experience with Google, Microsoft and Apple . They think what people need and thats why they are still leader in their segment. Yahoo, certainly I do not have any doubt on your potential but I’m sure you need to do a serious revision to bounce back in league.