Small business and ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, typically do not mesh well - or so you’ve thought. SME believe they can neither afford ERP solution nor can they spend the time to iron our the complexities. ERP has historically better suited to larger business because they can afford it. A hefty price, systematic complexity and difficult usability have meant that ERP simply wasn’t a realistic option for small manufacturers.

But market and business landscape is more competitive and dynamic, and ERP or ERP like solutions would be the best choice way forward for your business of any size.

Nescode ERP for all

Forget everything you’ve heard about business application. Because, we offer most competitive ERP solution which fits into all small medium enterprise - specially for Service sector, Manufacturing sector, Retail Industry and Logistics sector.

Single view of your business

Just imagine a single view of your business, from what people and machines are producing to what’s being invoiced and delivered, and much more. And to further remove complexity, you will get all these thing from cloud means 24/7/365 availability. Nothing to install, no expenses, no expenses long-term commitments, no costly maintenance.

And finally the bottom line

Bottom line and top line of any business is - business application you have better control and user friendly. Yes, we offer both. You don’t have to worry about cost and complexity anymore. We help you run your business like never before.