This blog is an answer to the comment from my close friend Mr. Gautam who represents one of the top IT firm and a social activist.

First of all I do appreciate your comment on my blog.

When we talking about Mr. Sibbal, let me mention on the first place that once upon a time(not once upon a time in mumbai movie) he used to be a Additional Solicitor General of India and have had a very dignified career even he was also involved with UNESCO. But when he joined the politics(upper house in 1988 from Bihar), people start giving the mixed opinion on his ideology.

Mr. Sibbal thought on the captioned issue is ‘When a large domain of people doesn’t have the proper education, how we can talk about LOKPAL Bill?” Wherein I’m completely disagree with Mr. Sibbal. Specially me or any individual couldn’t expect such kind of justification form a Lawyer. Specially when he is a member of drafting committee. Again, because of social pressure he started a reconcilatory note saying that he will sit with Anna Hazare to draft a Lokpal Bill.

Another gentleman, Mr. Digvijay Singh, who trying to defend himself on the basis of media report. At several circumstance I seen him stating that whatever the statement he passed that is on the basis of electronic media and print media. Now my question is how can you preassume about a person on the basis of news through various media? Specially when you are a senior member of a oldest and ruling political party called Congress? And on what basis you justifying your statement against a Lokpal Bill which is going to make the democracy more transparent?

On the basis of various statement from individual of ruling party, me to agree that Government also not serious on this bill but I’m quite confident that Bill will be passed because millions of people have the support to Mr. Hazare .