I don’t have luxury of time to watch Television on daily basis but whenever I switched on the TV in recent days– I saw a group of people demonstrating in different-different part of our beloved country against Delhi gang rape issues.

Always I saw “police” using the power to remove the crowd specially in Capital Delhi. I do not find a valid reason of using the power against the protestor who demanding justice for the gang-rape victim at Jantar Mantar or Rajpath.

At the same time one most interesting observation I have made i.e “You will not find any politician giving “Lip Service” (speaking) on behalf of public or Gang-rap victim. I firmly believe these politicians are belong to a “Lip Service” community who rarely come into action for good reason.Country so called youth leader(Mr. Rahul Gandhi) should come forward along with party to support rap victim. At so many occasion I felt Mr. Rahul Gandhi has lack of leadership quality.

As per the data, most number of rape case happens in Delhi. Early morning I read in newspaper that UP man gets death sentence for rape and one policeman took the last breath in Hospital. Is this sufficient enough to stop crime against women? I would say no.

Fortunately, while writing this blog, I have had a conversation with my friend in Delhi (Mr. Gautam Gupta) who brief the unfortunate event. I was completely shocked – how could be a person like this? Death sentence is not sufficient enough to punish such a cruel mindset.

Now, let’s talk about the long term solution:

Proposed solutions 1 : Quality education is one of the best tool which will create a difference in our society. I believe there should be a system which must be responsible for quality education for every child. Sex education should be integrated to all age level of courses.

Proposed solutions 2: There should be a fast track court which must address these issue on top priority. And the death sentence must be only one punishment.

Proposed solutions 3: Our constitution is strong enough since inception to deal such kind of situation so no need of any addition law. People should not destroy the public property and affect the daily life (like road jam, bandh etc..)

I would appreciate your comment. Raise your voice don’t keep quite. Thank you so much for your time….