Who put Mr Obama back into the White House and why?

In America, 53% of the electorate are women. 55% of them voted for Barack Obama in the presidential election. 67% of single women voted for him. If Mitt Romney had received the votes of 50% of all women, he would have won.

What is it that women, particularly young ones, find so attractive in Mr Obama? Is it his youth or his race or his charisma or his policies?

Two policies in particular might have swung the election in favour of Mr Obama and against Mr Romney: health care and abortion.

Last twenty five days, I keep watching round table debate on several policies issues between Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney. One interesting thing has been come out from debate that Mr. Obama policies is very crisp and clear. And I believe this is going to help not only developing country like India but also other nations.

On average, young adult women see their GPs four times a year, mostly for urogenital problems and contraception or abortion. Young men rarely see their doctors at all.

Therefore, for single young women in particular, the issues concerning healthcare and abortion are very important, both clinically and politically.

With that in mind, we can see that they may have had the power to put Mr Obama into the White House for another four years. Mr Romney was older and his policies were not friendly to this particular group.

This is not to say that these are the only political issues that are important to young adult women but, in a tight contest, they may have had a dramatic influence on the election of the leader of the free world.

(Note: Data source courtesy- New York Times.)