Hi folks,

Todays political stage is filled with quite interesting people. Unfortunately, no one can imagine what will happen tomorrow. Uncertainty cloud over Delhi moving from Kolkata to Chennai with so many questions.

What could be worst than price increase by ruling party. So called economist call it “REFORMS”, I don’t agree with these guys. If it is reforms than what is “Financial burden” to the citizen?

Mamata Banerjee withdrawn support from UPA II Govt, does it make any sense and more over she quoting the incident as “decision in public interest”. I believe many word has lost the real definition. Mamata Banerjee should find the public interest within the UPA II.

Post extending support to UPA II, Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav dreaming for Prime Minister post. I believe, only well qualified & visionaries politician should be the Prime Minister.

As per latest news, Jayalalita called her party for mid term election. She felt there is vacuum in center politics and this is her turn to become Prime Minister. Ms Jayalalita is the another great politician who is looking for mid term election. Wowwwwwwwwwww

No one is analysing the financial burden of mid-term election on public. All the party works only for party interest only. This is time to raise the voice against these politician and party.