Bailing out kingfisher will raise several un-answered questions, Personally I don’t find any valid reason to bailout kingfisher.

Like Kingfisher, there are other airlines in India which is in the same line up ex. Air India… Instead of bailing out Kingfisher, Govt of India should work on long term strategy on aviation sector. As well as we need to analyse why aviation sector has to face such kind of scenario every time? Let’s talk about few points :

Firstly, Why profit can be privatised and loss should be socialized? I’m not figuring out only Kingfisher, its a question to the individual who think Kingfisher should be bailed out.

Secondly, the way Mr. Mallya running a public company is totally unacceptable. Not to mention kingfisher spends lot of money on unnecessary expenditure like Calendar photo shoot, party and what not……….. Where in employee of Kingfisher is not been paid since November 2012 and CEO is announcing that we decided to pay INR 5,000/- to employee for their personal expenditure?

Thirdly, thousands of people owning Kingfisher ticket and in last hour they come to know that flight has been cancelled. So, morally the ticket price must be returned to respective passenger. There is no second thought but Kingfisher not even justifying with passenger?

I believe, its a time to revise the Govt policy for aviation sector. We also need to understand the citizen class who travel in flight (only 3% population of India travels in flight). Mr. Mallya need to look at the operation & strategy as a entrepreneur.