“Finally, I would like to thank the Indian cricket fan. The game is lucky to have you and I have been lucky to play before you. To represent India, and you, has been a privilege and one which I have always taken seriously. My approach to cricket was simple. It was about giving everything to the team, playing with dignity, and upholding the spirit of the game. I have failed at times, but I have never stopped trying. It is why… I leave with sadness but also with pride.”

I’m sure every Indian would have read above adieu speech of “The wall of Indian Cricket many a times. On 9th March, 2012, Mr. Perfectionist put a “full stop” in first class International & domestic cricket.

I remember my school days, when I made many excuses from my dad just to listen test match commentary on radio. All “Chai wala” used to close their shop in my home town & they start cricket show , ticket was Rs. 5/Person. I was dropping my school & spending whole day watching test/one day match.

That was unbelievable affection with cricket, i was knowing every single match result of all countries and every single player name.

When Dravid used to take a guard, he gives a clear message that now no more wicket. Technically, he was so sound that even Bradman was a big fan of Dravid. Always he was in a search of perfection in his own business, and that give a name “Mr. Perfectionist” also.

He was a favourite of his teammate. A cool dude, who never scream on any colleague. Since inception to end he maintain a gentleman personality. When you talking about the match he played for India & records he owns – figures are unbelievable.

Its time to give a standing obession to Dravid. Thank you Mr. Wall, Indian cricket was lucky to have you.