It was British colonial empire in India between 1858 – 1947 who had strong believe in the theory that “Divide & Rule”, and if this doesn’t work then apply force to extent that the opposition will surrender.

Here the Congress party is the second face of British empire, who has forgot many the law & constitution. Let us discuss the issue one by one:

  • Swami Ramdev & Anna Hazare fight for corruption & black money :Today, if you read the newspaper, watch news channel; its only scams and corruption. The UPA government at the Center has become synonymous with corruption. There is a series of corruption which left the country scarred & demoralized. Start with Bofors, 2g scam, Adarsh housing, common wealth game etc… this UPA govt led by Congress set the standard in the area of corruption.

  • But when a social activist like Ramdev baba & Anna Hazare is setting up a stage to fight corruption then why this government is behaving like a mad horse? Answer is very simple- its all the congress leader who involves in black money scandal. Never in the history of India, had corruption been so rampant. Everyday, a new financial scandals involving crores of crores of ruppees are surfacing. This is also causing the price of daily uses items sky-high.

Shameful event of Ram leela maidan will be written in history to slam congress. There are several contradictory statement came out from congress representative.

  • Kapil sibbal says we have allowed baba to collect the crowd of only 5000 people and it was only for Yoga classes. Then my question to Mr. Sibbal is “why the congress Govt. sent four union minister including Pranav mukharjee to airport to welcome baba? Why not congress show his initial intention clearly to the people?

  • It was congress who expecting Baba Ramdev to deliver something in Ram leela maidan to faint Mr. Hazare campaign. What was that something which is unanswered till yet?

  • Kapil sibbal said the action taken in Ram leela maidan has the sanction of party. And everyone knows congress cannot take any decision without Sonia Gandhi node hence its conclude that Sonia Gandhi approve the crackdown? What a shameful approval Sonia – you approve to beat women and child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Govt says Baba Ramdev is not trustworthy person then why you engage with him in discussion?

  • Democracy in India : India is a democratic country where every individual has right to express his/her opinion. Here lets not discuss about Mr. Dighvijay singh statement. As per my opinion, he lost his mental balance. If Baba Ramdev conducting and heading a mass to protect the citizen’s voice then what is wrong? Why the Govt felt took such a disgraceful decision?

  • Does the Citizen of India deserves lathi charge who raise voice in favor of anticorruption in a very peaceful manner?

  • After 4/6 shameful event, does people think there is democracy in India?

  • Does section 144 applies only at midnight on women & child?

  • The way Govt address the corruption issue is fair?

  • Who given the right to Govt to beat the women & Children at midnight who protesting peacefully?

  • Where is Mr. Rahul Gandhi, whether he went into COMMA or ???? Why not he addressing the issue at first place.

  • Manmohan Singh & group of disgraceful people : Its not only me, people has opinion about Mr. Singh that he is statue. How adjectly, a statue backed by a women like Sonia Gandhi can lead a country like India? To be more precise this congress leader is drunk with power and doesn’t know how to address the issue at first place.

While writing this blog, I felt, I do not have the right word to express my feelings, but request every citizen of India that raise your voice against corruption. Live for a cause.