“Centralization of decision and decentralization of execution”. Only the restoration of Sharia law would bring the right thing in Muslim world and that alternative such as Pan-Arabism, Socialism, democracy must be opposed.

Yes, here I am talking about Mr. Osama bin Laden.

His belief, in conjunction with violent jihad has sometime promoted the mass murder of innocent people across world. Mr. Laden believed that non-muslim world has done may injustices against Muslim specially by Unites states. In fact, on the humanity ground he opposed the immortal act of fornication, homosexuality, intoxicants, gambling (Personally, i like his few ideology which creates a healthy society.)

One of his ideology that civilian, including women & children’s are legitimate target of Jihad. Here, I would like to ask the every individual that how a person could justify this killing of women & children’s “a legitimate act”? He opposed music on religious ground. Illustrating his every ideology won’t be possible in this particular blog but his viewpoint & methods of achieving them had led to him being designated as terrorist by scholars.

He founded an organization named “AL-QAEDA” which took the responsibility of various civilian attack in various countries. He firmly believes in Allah. At this point there is some questions come in my mind:

  • What instances led him to found an organization like Al-Qaeda?
  • As per the record Mr. Laden was very intellectual personality(in terms of degree) but how he interpreted the world in such a cruel manner?
  • What was Mr. Laden dream?
  • How he was justifying his ideology in front of Muslim world?
  • How adjectly, he founded an organization that lakhs of muslim joined him? and how he convinced them?
  • How he was making a direct franchises of Al-Qaeda in various contries is something like a giving a passport to kill the people?
  • Mr. Laden misinterpreted the Allah massage and Sharia law. But how the muslim world permits him to keep on going?
  • Whem Mr. Laden support the Islamic world then how Al-Qaeda was killing muslim world so brutally? In J&K, there are many establishment of Mr. Laden supported by local militant group. He was completely against that “J&K is a part of India”.

Wherein in 2002, In a “letter to American people” he stated that one the reasons he was fighting America because of her support to India on kashmir issue.

Post death of Mr. Laden(If he is dead), one thing is sure that Al-Qaeda and allied group will be weak. But does the death of Mr. Laden is the death of his ideology?

If no, then how can we make sure that his followers is not going to wrongly interpret the responsibility of a civilized country? There will be thousands of Muslims who will try to be “Osama bin laden” as a follower. Now the another million dollar question is “If we took years to kill one Laden then how many years will we take to kill his ideology as followers”?

Can we give a guarantee that Al-Qaeda will not take a revenge? If no, then which country will be the first one?

I agree that its a big debate that how we need to stop someone to stand as OSAMA BIN LADEN. Why not we should understand first our responsibility to stand as a respective citizen?