In India, this particular letter “G” has gain popularity like Mahindra Singh Dhoni (I do have a lots of respect for MR. M S Dhoni, here quoting his name has different aspect all together).

Now a days, where ever you go, frequency of G word will definitely kiss your ear. Once upon a time, when people adding suffix “G” (its Ji ) after anyone name that means he was giving a respect to him/her.

But, two years ago when Abhishek bachhan started giving an idea to people (and to be honest i also got an idea but its different story all together that it was not good idea), everybody has given the adequate response to IDEA with a word called “Sirji”.

In 2011, again “G” word is behind every countrymen. Everyday, in TV, News channel, news paper you will come across with a word called “2G”. Literally, I’m fed up with this word. None of us know, when there will be an end of this story.

Probably, when the story of “2G” will end then all the telecom company will again come with 3G. To gain the market share these company as well as new telecom company will bark only “3G, 3G 3G 3G 3G 3G 3G 3G 3G 3G.