A mutual fund to balance the vegetable price? Sounds really odd, even for me too! I’m sure the reader eyebrow would have already raised. Yes, now a women has an option to balance the budget which she do spend on the vegetable.

Now, let me outline the truth. In Bangalore(Sorry its Bengluru) when you will travel through the heart of city, might be you will get a chance to stop your vehicle on traffic signal. You will visualize may colourful advertisement hoarding with smartly en-tagged tagline.

Today, I got an opportunity to see one hoarding of very popular Asset Management Company where I seen a lady, bag in hand, having smile on face, buying vegetable on road side and quoting that now vegetable price hike won’ t effect my home budget because I have a mutual fund of this AMC.

Now a layman, can also anticipate that there will not be any AMC who will design mutual fund product which will exclusively take care of vegetable price hike! Lets focus on the philosophy of the hoarding and tagline of AMC, and their customer segment. I was highly impressed with their strategy to penetrate the market segment.

Last but not least, lets be innovative in your thought. It will definitely attract the people.