It took a minute to think the heading for my next blog. Finally I came on conclusion that LOKPAL BILL AND THE CORRUPT POLITICIAN would be the right one.

The word “LOKPAL BILL” derived from the Hindi language which means a regulation that will protect the people interest in wider domain. And the word “POLITICS” is not the new word for any individual. In fact, this word lost the context in present scenario.

Now let me take you to the journey of a soldier who studied only upto 7th standard and the sought employment and it begins with selling a flower at Dadar(Mumbai) to support his family. By virtue of his family background(his grandfather was in Indian Army) he joined Indian army as a truck driver in 1963. He spent & spare time reading the work of M K Gandhi, Vivekananda & Vinoba Bhave which inspire him to become a social worker. Here I’m talking about Mr. Anna Hazare.

Being a social worker, Annna Hazare choose a village in Maharashtra called “RALEGAN SIDDHI” in 1975 to transform into ideal village. Where his philosophy was to make common man to understand his/her responsibility, commitment and involvement in nation building process. He also succeed in his goal and its been observed by state government, central government and various individual. For his outstanding work he has been awarded by various prestigious award.

When Mr. Anna Hazare determined to correct the society at bigger canvas many politician(like Mr. Dighvijay Singh and …) approached him to join his movement but he doesn’t welcome them. The idea behind that was to make it politicize, increase the vote bank and to give a polio drop to their dead political career. Hence the political parties started to dig the dead bodies for the people who are the member of drafting committee (here I’m not talking about the Mr. Bhusan at individual level) for Lokpal bill.

I believe its very very subjective to the Indian citizen that how a individual determined to fight for corruption and how our so called social representative is trying to create a obstacle through various CD chapter, phone tapping chapter etc.

Here question is not a Lokpal bill, question is how our leader is morally corrupt?

Question is the people whom we are electing are justifying his job description?

Question is will it lead a fair and democratic society or corrupt nation?

There are various unanswered question, and as a citizen I believe its our mutual responsibility to understand the power of our one vote. At individual level, we need to be disciplined so that we can contribute our own part to make the society transparent. The people money should get utilize in proper way instead of filling swiss bank account of politician.

I urge the respective social representative to make yourself accountable on various parameter for whom the nation has elected you.