In the latest saga on social networking website, I’m disclosing the unsolicited LinkedIn professional network invitation wherein you get a formal invitation from your group member to join the professional network.

The moment you click on the link provided in the mail, it will redirect you to the page which will looks like LinkedIn page. In the very first step page will request you to enter your new password. And once you entered your new password and clicked on submit, your LinkedIn profile will be hacked.

The best part of this unsolicited invitation is it will give you several reminder to join. So, please verify the following before you get hacked :

  • Confirm the authenticity through secure connection page https://
  • Never enter your new password until you wish to change it from profile section of LinkedIn website.
  • Post clicking on the sent link in your inbox, always delete the cookie of your web browser.
  • Connect your colleague professional network through LinkedIn page only.

Last but not least, I do appreciate the social community website which gives a platform to an individual to connect with others.