It’s a very surprised move in a civilized society that if any individual questioning the existence of a society who make that individual to recognize at this level. At first place, I would mention here that it’s a unnecessary political controversy created by diplomatic cable.

“WikiLeaks Cables have revealed that Congress General Secretary told the US Ambassador Timothy Roemer that Hindu extremist groups pose a greater terror threat to India than the Muslim militant group Al-Qaeda.” India Future prime minister also mentioned somewhere down the line that “Hindu groups cause communal tensions and political conflicts in the country.”

Although Rahul acknowledged that terror outfits like LeT get support from some indigenous Muslim community in India, he said that Hindu extremists pose bigger threat to the nation than the Islamic terror organizations. I also disagree with the former BJP President Rajnath Singh has termed the Congress as a communal party and see the latest development as a big conspiracy to divide the nation and play vote bank politics. BJP always played a separation game to grab the vote bank.

At individual level I’m completely disagree with Rahul Gandhi that Hindu, Muslim or any religion creates a terror. Its not a religion, it’s a group of individual who creates a structured setup to create a terror in society. At the same time, we as an individual must not give so much importance to an individual statement.