As everybody knows that RSS is known for his philosophy of Hindutva & the power that made BJP’s presence on national level.

Current move by RSS on Rahul Gandhi statement says that “The remarks of the Congress general secretary prove that he is totally unaware of the history of Hindutva as well as the concept of nationalism,”.

At first place let me clear that not as a Hindu, not as Indian citizen, I’m completely agree with RSS statement that Rahul Gandhi is not aware of the HISTORY of INDIA. And moreover When Congress has projected him as a future Prime Minister will it help them in any way? I don’t think so.

I believe Rahul Gandhi have had a very very impressive impact on Indian politics, to be more precise on youth. At the same time I must say that not even outside of congress arena, inside congress also more than 50% member will not be agree with his future boss statement. Although it’s a different matter all together that congress known for not to deliver any statement against his supreme.

I also believe that this is a pre planned move of congress to grab the Muslim vote because I rarely come across any business by congress which would effect their vote bank.