United Progressive Alliance headed by Congress party best known as UPA in political arena. It was really a shoking statement that was delivered by our honrable prime minister that government can not distribute the foodgrain to poor.

However, supreme court suggested the government that the grain should be distributed to poor if it is rooting in the gowdon. But Government has come out with a statement that “Supreme court is crossing the line”. Since inception of the congress party, people calling the party a AAM AADMI PARTY. I’m from a small village, I have come across from the arena where still a poor uneducated person used to say believe that NETA MATLAB RAJIIV GANDHI, INDIRA GANDHI.

I think its time to review the party own philosophy & statement before it comes to public. I also believe party should not indulge in such a word war where a AAM AADMI lost their faith in party & their leader.